Quiz Post: The Africa collection

List of Africa specific questions. Most of them contributed by Samarth. Please use rot13 to encrypt your answers.

  1. X is both the botanical name and the English common name of a genus of flowering plants, sometimes also called sugar bushes.
  2. The genus X was named in 1735 by Carolus Linnaeus after the Greek god <X-derivative> who could change his form at will, because X have such different forms.


    X attracted the attention of botanists visiting the Cape of Good Hope in the 1600s.

    Together with the Springbok Antelope, the X had been treated as a sometimes controversial national symbol in South Africa, both during and after apartheid.
    The former South African Prime Minister and architect of apartheid, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, had a dream to change the then-current Flag of South Africa and have in its centre a leaping Springbok Antelope over a wreath of six X .

  3. What does this describe?
  4. per pall fesswise gules, sable and azure, a fesswise pall vert fimbriated argent, Or and argent.

    Very specific answer.

  5. It has been the world’s deadliest conflict since World War II . The vast majority have actually died from non-violent causes such as malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition—all typically preventable in normal circumstances, but have come about because of the conflict.
  6. children account for 47% of the deaths. What?

  7. X was a British colony, and is named after a
  8. concept of political philosophy and identifies the condition in which an individual has the right to act according to his or her own will.

    The capital of X is named after James Monroe, once the President of The United States. Id X.

  9. X is a medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. It is sometimes called “antbear”, “anteater”, “Cape anteater” (after the Cape of Good Hope), “earth hog” or “earth pig”. The name comes from the Afrikaans/Dutch for “earth pig” because early settlers from Europe thought it resembled a domesticated pig . In English-speaking countries, the X enjoys unusual notoriety. Id X

One thought on “Quiz Post: The Africa collection

  1. argentandsable says:

    2) Gur synt bs Fbhgu Nsevpn; 4) Yvorevn
    3) Gur Qneshe pbasyvpg, V guvax.

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