Quiz #3

A sitter..

X was founded in May, 1976. X is organized into three main divisions: a military wing, a political wing and a fund raising wing.In X, recruits are instructed to be prepared to die for the cause, and are issued with a cyanide capsule to be swallowed in the case of capture. X was headquartered at Killinochchi. X was led by Y throughout its existence. Id X, Y

7 thoughts on “Quiz #3

  1. ashwin says:

    X-the LTTE!

  2. ashwin says:

    X- The LTTE
    Y- Prabhakaran

  3. Varun says:

    y-Prabhakaran 🙂

  4. varun says:


  5. mht says:

    Its a sitter all right – LTTE

  6. yashasvi says:


  7. ameya says:


    Cracked by everyone: Varun, Yashasvi, Ashwin, mht

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