Owen set to make Anfield return

Reports suggest that former Liverpool hitman Micheal Owen, who scored 158 goals from 296 appearances forsp5 the Anfield outfit is set to make a return to the club during the January transfer window.michaelowen The forward has won the FA Cup, the Uefa cup and the European Super Cup during his tenure at Anfield.He was named European Player of the year in the year 2001. Owen was sold to Real Madrid in 2005, shortly after the arrival of Rafael Benitez at the club for 11 million pounds. However since then, he has been plagued by recurring injuries. The forward was previously linked to the club but was signed by Newcastle United for an undisclosed record club transfer fee in 2006. He is said to carry a prize tag of 2-3 million pounds, and seems a good option for Benitez to bolster his attack, with Fernando Torres down with a hamstring tear.

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