Money doesn’t buy you success.. unless you’re Chelsea

Robinho:32.5 million pounds
Jo:19 million pounds
Shaun Wright Phillips:11 million pounds
Getting 11th place in the Premier League: Priceless

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there is Manchester City.

There had been a lot of anticipation about the club when the new season of the Premier League started. With arobinho1new owner with millions to spend, a new coach, and a lot of big money signings, a lot of people thought that the time had come finally for them to break into the Top Four for that prestigious Champions League spot. But that was not to be, as we see today, with the club in the bottom half, 16 points off the leaders.

Yet again, it has shown that money can’t necessarily buy you a higher league berth. Tottenham Hotspurs is the other club in the BPL to suffer from this fate. This looked rather like Real Madrid’s “Mission Galactico” at the beginning of the season, and seems to have failed like it as well. This process of moving up is a rather gradual one, and not one that happens over half a season. arabownermancMark Hughes has proven to be a capable manager at Blackburn. And the high profile signings have proven their mettle as world class players.
However, to remain competitive in the big leagues like the BPL, the team has to compete, and not the individual players. Signing players is one thing, but getting them play to play well as a team is what matters most. Recently, there has been a speculation of Manchester City ready to bring in Brazilian genius Kaka during the January transfer window. That will certainly take quite a bit of money. But these signings alone wont do if the ambitious aims of the new owner are to be met.

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7 thoughts on “Money doesn’t buy you success.. unless you’re Chelsea

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    I was thinking not to follow this blog anymore!

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