FloboPuyo: An addictive multiplayer game



For most gamers today, a game usually means yet another of those high definition games with a complex storyline and extreme gameplay. However, sometimes, the really simple games turn out be lots more fun. Flobopuyo most definitely has to be one of those games.

Flobopuyo may be called as a multiplayer adaptation of tetris. The rules have been modified a bit from the original tetris series. The tetris blocks have been replaced by “puyos” which come in a variety of colors and in my opinion look rather cute. The objective of the game is to bring together atleast four such puyos together so as to clear them (tetris style) . The twist is that on clearing your own puyos, you can land the evil puyos ( basically gray puyos which can only be removed by clearing colored puyos in their vicinity).

In the single player mode, you can challenge the game AI in a variety of levels. But the real fun begins in the multiplayer mode. All you need is another jobless person whom you have convinced to play against you. The game seems never ending, and at times I have ended up playing for hours together against my brother. The music is pretty good. I suspect that some of the may be lifted from the voice of Yoshi of the Mario series though. Also the music speeds up when one of the players gets into a troublesome situation, further raising the excitement levels.

In all, it is an excellent game with simple rules, fluid gameplay and an amazing fun quotient. At times it can turn out to be rather addictive though…

You can download Flobopuyo here

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3 thoughts on “FloboPuyo: An addictive multiplayer game

  1. yashasvi says:

    First time i started playing this game, i only got off 3 hours later. a must play game

  2. nnnitin says:

    The authors of this blog have spent countless hours playing this on multiplayer using a keyboard and a joystick. Do try playing it against a friend. The look you get when you flood someone’s screen with bad puyos, and a feeling of satisfaction.

  3. yashasvi says:

    nice addictive game…. good in multiplayer mode

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