Google Notebook: A handy Internet Side-App

Us, we’re self confessed google fanatics. We just loved how a duo of college
students turned their project into a global phenomenon. Now we see Google invading every sphere of our lives.

The Google search engine is undoubtedly unmatched in its ability to filter
data from the internet. However, once one saves all the data to the hard drive, it can often become a cumbersome job to filter out appropriate data. More often than not, the result is below par, compared to what could be achieved best.

Google has come up with a solution. This gadget is little known, little used but vastly useful. It transforms Google from an awesome search engine to a powerful data manager. All one needs is a Google account and one can start off with Google notebook.

Google notebook allows one to create as many notebooks as one likes. In each notebook, we can have multiple sections, for better data sorting. This comes in rather handy when there is some research to be done. One may find information about various aspects of the same topic, so it is always better to sort it as we see it. Text may be typed in or pasted. Bookmarks may be added, so one may refer a particular part of his notes at will. Apart from the above features, there is also an inbuilt text editor, that allows one to hyperlink as well, apart from the formatting stuff.

notebook firefox extensionAs most of todays popular web browsers have a tabbing feature, the notebook can be put away in a tab and used when required. There is a firefox plugin for notebook, which can be very useful. Add to this a google search box for your notebooks, one can never lose any information he/she would have compiled.

Overall, I thought that it is a great product and definitely worth trying out.

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2 thoughts on “Google Notebook: A handy Internet Side-App

  1. gautam jayausrya says:

    i thnk Google should go to the nxt level of publishing a free note making software….which would be useful for students
    As they have delivered the expected tru chrome….if it is Google quality is assured.

  2. AmitG says:

    Yep google notebook firefox plugin turns out to be pretty handy!
    Google is everywhere…Its the the Google magic!! We are living in the world created by Google..Welcome to googlosphere 🙂

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