Google: not just a search engine

Google: a search engine and more

A major internet revolution in itself, Google has changed the way the people use the internet. And why would anyone not fall in love with the sleek, quick and accurate search engine, which spoon feeds the user with the whole web at his or her fingertips. However, unknown to most users, one can use Google for more than just searching the internet.

Loaded with loads of features, I was finding it rather difficult as to where to start with. Google can be used as a world clock. Typing “time <cityname>” yields the time in that city along with details on the time zone. Or one could use Google to keep tabs on the stock markets. Entering the ticker ID in the Search Box gives a graphical representation of the performance of that particular stock, along with stats on highs, lows, volumes etc.Google can serve as a scientific calculator.. Entering 3 + (4 * arcsin(0.5) * 34) gives an output of 74.2094335. Google comes with an inbuilt spell checker, which automatically corrects misspelled words while giving search results. Google may be used to find businesses in the locality. Entering “<businessname> <location>” gives a list of businesses in that locality. For instance, “barber Bangalore” gave


. And I hadn’t known that barbers advertise on Google too. Google has a very effective converter. It can convert currencies, or measurements in different units. Typing 12 inches in cm would give “12 inches = 30.48 centimeters”. The fill in the blank feature also comes in handy. Adding a * to end of statement gives answers to the questions given. There are also loads of other features which I may not know about, or may have forgotten while writing this entry, which are a part of the Google search engine. One thing is for sure.. They definitely come in handy.

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3 thoughts on “Google: not just a search engine

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  2. ameya says:

    The link is awesome.. thanks.. so much i didnt know about

    Appreciate your comments

  3. yashasvi says:

    good one….. thanks 4 the tips… will be useful…. handy…

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