World Player of the Year?

It has been a topsy-turvy year this one in football. The gap between big and small teams has become smaller, and to win, tactics have proven to be more important than the individual skills of the players. A much debated question amongst fans and experts alike is who will win the player of the year this time around. It may be noted that during the years that have had a world cup, the World Player of the Year has come form the winning team: Romario in 94, Zidane in 98, Ronaldo in 2002 and most recently Cannavaro in 2006. I have compiled a small list..See if you can add to it.

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Guest Quiz Post: Ace player

This guy plays football for his local team, FC Echichens, a 5th tier team in the Swiss Football league and is also a keen follower of the BPL where he supports Newcastle United. He was the Swiss ambassador for the 2008 European Football championships. He also has been named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year on two occasions, and also one of the UNESCO champions for sport alongside Pele, Bubka, and Henin to name a few during his illustrious career.

Of course (yes, here is the twist every quiz question has), the reason he is so famous is not so much due to football as due to _______, where he is the only one from his country to have won World Championships in the sport.

Who it is?

P.S. Too many hints in here, so please avoid googling 🙂

By Arun Murali

World Cup Season#1

Bilal Yusuf Mohammed plays club football at X and represents Y at the international level. He has been subject to a lot of transfer talk lately, with a big money move on the cards. Z, arguably the best player to have played for Y once said that he is the jewel of Y football. How do we better know him?

Also ID X, Y and Z

April 1st Edition: You just got pwned!

This prank is sure to work. You will need

1. Access to the computer of the person you wish to prank.

2. Refer 1

What to do? Change the home page of the person to javascript:alert(“your message goes here“)

Whenever the person opens his browser, he should be getting a message that looks like this. I put it up on college computing facility computers and have heard a lot about it already 🙂

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DIY Laptop Stand from PET bottles

This is something I tried out a few weeks back. It works wonderfully well;you begin to wonder why people sell cooling pads.

To make the stand, you will need

1. PET Bottles(I used 600 ml ones)*3

2. Tie Wraps: You can buy them cheap from your nearest hardware store

3. A Laptop!

What do I do now?

1. Align the PET bottles next to each other.
2. Make Tie wrap chains by inserting the tail of one to the head of the other. Each loop should have 5 tie wraps.
3. Place one of the loops around the bottle necks, another around the centre.
4. Tighten the loops by pulling. You may want to have someone near you to hold the bottles in the right alignment.
5. Cut off excess Tie Wrap threads.

You are done!
You get a laptop stand, that is cheap, insulating and channels all the heat outwards(due to the shape of the PETs).
This is what it should look like:

Quiz Post: Football Again

X played football for Y between 1912 and 1927, scoring over 200 goals and captaining the team towards the end. He became the first ever manager of Y and remained so until 1936, when football was suspended due to an outbreak of a civil war. He was elected the President of Y in 1943, a position he occupied until his death. In his honour, Y named their stadium after him.

Put X, Y.


Quiz Post: Return of the Revolution

Connect the Pics( Not related to the title)